Glaucoma Eye Treatment

Glaucoma Treatment OceansideGlaucoma is a disease that can affect the eyes and can often happen suddenly and without warning. Individuals who begin to suffer from glaucoma can often have a severe sense of pain within the eyes. They may also experience sight loss and other problems that affect their vision. If an individual begins experiencing problems with their eyes and it turns out to be glaucoma, they should get immediate treatment from the doctor otherwise they may end up with loss of sight and be completely blind. There are several different types of glaucoma which can effect individuals. Glaucoma takes place when fluids in the eye are not able to function properly, which can lead to a buildup of fluid and result in damage to the optic nerve and other important parts of the eye.

Once the glaucoma has been diagnosed in an individual it will be with them for the rest of their life. However, treatment is available and with consistent checkups, the glaucoma can be controlled and an individual can lead a normal life. If the glaucoma does do damage to the individual then this will be irreversible and will mean that the individual will have permanent damage to their sight. It is for this reason that individuals should seek medical advice as soon as they believe that they have a problem concerning their eyes. The procedure in dealing with glaucoma usually involves the reduction of the fluids that build up inside of the eye. These fluids can also be dealt with so that they can flow better. Regular checkups to the doctors should be advised and will help in maintaining this problem. In some situations beta-blockers will be given to the patient. However these have side-effects and can lead to depression, fatigue and hair loss in some individuals.

There are many eye doctors in the Oceanside California area that can help in treating glaucoma. These specialist eye doctors are known as ophthalmologists and specialize in eye treatment. This covers many different types of eye surgery and care within the vision of the individual. There are approximately 10 ophthalmologists in the Oceanside area and these can assist in many different issues that concern the eye, including that of Glaucoma. Shane Robinson is a well respected eye doctor who is based in the San Diego retina associates, which can be found at 3231 warring CT STE S and is considered one of the best ophthalmologists in the area.