Glaucoma Treatment in San Marcos Ca

Glaucoma Treatment in San Marcos CaIf you suffer from glaucoma in San Marcos you’re not alone. Glaucoma is a debilitating illness that affects millions in the area. If you Google glaucoma San Marcos thousands of doctor will appear that can help you treat this disease. Choosing the right doctor to oversee your glaucoma treatment can bvastly improve your odds. Although there is no cure it can be managed, you just need to understand how the disease works and what treatments are available.

What is Glaucoma?
Glaucoma is an eye disease that gets progressively worse over time. Your eye contains aqueous humor, a clear liquid that is secreted through ducts in the eye. Sometimes these ducts do not work properly and the liquid stays trapped, causing pressure to build and damaging your optic nerve. Your optic nerve is what sends and receives messages to the brain: if it becomes severely damaged you will lose your vision. There are 4 main types of glaucoma: open-angle, closed-angle, secondary and congenital.
•Open-angle glaucoma is most common and doctors don’t know why it happens. Pressure builds slowly, so it is hard to notice until there has been substantial damage.
•Closed-angle glaucoma has a sudden onset and is considered a medical emergency. If you have the condition in one eye it is likely you will get it in the other.
•Secondary glaucoma is caused by one of the following: eye injury, diabetes, drugs like corticosteroids, uveitus (eye disease) and dilation drops. Open and closed angle glaucoma is classified as secondary when the cause is known.
•Congenital glaucoma occurs at birth and is found in babies. It occurs due to improper development of the eye.


What Glaucoma treatment involves
Glaucoma can be controlled with the right treatment. If the doctor can alleviate the pressure in the eye it will stop further damage from occurring and save what vision is left in the eye. Treatment usually involves different types of eye drops or surgery-it depends on your type of glaucoma. Open-angle is usually treated with eye drops, glaucoma surgery is a last resort. the doctor will use more than one drop to get the pressure even. Closed-angle, on the other hand, can kill you and usually need immediate surgery. Congenital is also treated with surgery, but it does not need to be done immediately. Secondary can use eye drops or surgery, depending on what started the disease.


Glaucoma in San Marcos
There are many qualified doctors in the San Marcos area that can help you fight this disease and live a healthy, normal life. If you are looking for glaucoma treatment in San Marcos talk with your general physician and see if he has any recommendations. You should also have a consultation with several doctors to see which one is right for you. Treating glaucoma doesn’t have to be scary, let one of the many expert in the San Marcos area help make it easy for you.