Glaucoma treatment in Poway CA

Glaucoma treatment in Poway CAGlaucoma is an eye disease that is caused by fluid pressure as a result of ineffective flow of the aqueous humor which results in optic nerve damage. Although Poway glaucoma patients cannot detect the symptoms early, it is important to have regular eye exams at an approved and licensed physician. There are two types of glaucoma.

Open angle glaucoma
This is usually caused by the ineffective flow of the aqueous humor leading to pressure exertion on the optic nerve. Damage to the optic nerve is what leads to irreversible blindness. This type of disease and its symptoms may be detected late due to the slow process of damage.

Angle closure glaucoma
This condition is known to affect 1 to 10 people and is caused by the blockage in the ocular meshwork. The blockage is usually brought about by vision abnormalities, tumors, hyperopia and any other structural damage. Damage can either happen quickly or slowly depending on a person’s case. Those born with angle closure glaucoma have narrow drainage angles and are usually at high risk of infection.

How to determine if you have glaucoma

Glaucoma symptoms can be detected by an individual late into the terminal stages of the disease. By visiting an eye specialist near you, eye exams can be performed so as to help the physician determine if you have glaucoma. There are several tests that they may carry out and some include testing the visual fields, testing the visual acuity and finally testing eye pressure. If the glaucoma treatment Poway specialist determines you have the disease, he or she will guide you through the effective glaucoma treatment in Poway.

What does glaucoma treatment entail?
Use of Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty. This method is suitable in treatment of open angle glaucoma. An eye expert uses a computer controlled laser which works at low levels and directs it to the patient’s eye. The laser helps to treat cells selectively leaving the normal functioning portions of the meshwork intact. It can be safely repeated since it only heals selective cells only. It is a suitable method of healing for those who have been treated with pressure lowering drops with no results.

Use of argon laser trabeculopasty
It is also a primary method for treating open angle glaucoma. The laser beam controlled by the computer and directed by the eye expert helps to open fluid channels of the eye therefore helping to drain the aqueous humor that was causing pressure. After use of this method, the patient is usually prescribed medication.

Where to seek treatment for glaucoma in Poway patients
Patients living in Poway and need treatment are required to seek the services of qualified and licensed physicians within the area. For the best, you can seek references from trusted friends, neighbors and even family members.