Glaucoma Treatment in Escondido

Glaucoma Treatment in Escondido – what glaucoma is
Glaucoma is a disease of the optic nerve in which fluid pressure within the eye rises, resulting in some loss of vision or even blindness if left untreated. Once the disease progresses, the individual nerve fibers that make up the optic nerve are lost or damaged, leading first to a loss of side vision followed by a loss of vision in the center. The disease usually affects both eyes, but one eye tends to have more symptoms than the other. As studies show, people at risk for glaucoma are the elderly, African-Americans, and those with illnesses such as diabetes and hypothyroidism. Furthermore, people who have had eye surgery or eye injuries or conditions are at an increased risk of developing glaucoma; retinal detachment, eye inflammation, and eye tumors are examples of such problems. The downside to this disease is that many people have glaucoma and do not realize it until symptoms such as blurred vision, eye pain, and red eyes begin to occur; therefore, doctors strongly recommend that people have their eyes checked every one or two years so that if there is a problem, treatment can begin before any further damage occurs.

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Once a diagnosis is confirmed, the next step is to begin treatment. Initially, the doctor normally begins with eye drops as a means of controlling the eye pressure. Before beginning, however, the patient is advised to inform the doctor of any other medications he may be taking in order to make sure that a conflict does not occur between medications. If the eye drops are not too effective, the doctor may prescribe pills in addition to the drops. This type of medication, which is usually taken two to four times per day, is designed to lessen the production of fluid in the eye. If eye drops and pills do not do enough to lessen the eye pressure, two other options are considered: laser treatment and traditional surgery. Laser treatment involves helping the drain in the eye function more efficiently, whereas traditional surgery creates a new drain to lower the eye pressure. Since laser treatment is less invasive than traditional surgery, the patient can resume normal daily activities unlike the latter option the requires the patient to limit significantly his activities such as driving, reading, bending, and heavy lifting for two to four weeks after surgery. Depending on each individual’s case, continuation of medications decreases significantly to the point where some may discontinue them completely depending on the doctor’s recommendation.

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Although there are a number of options for eye care in Escondido, California, two are known to be quite popular among patients. Both the North County Eye Center and Eye Care of San Diego, both of which have offices in Escondido, are staffed with the finest ophthalmologists in their field. Moreover, they offer superb eye care to their patients and encourage them to become partners with their doctor as they work together in maintaining the health of their eyes. In addition, both centers offer state-of-the-art instrumentation in the care of patients with glaucoma. Thus, with the top technology and the friendly, approachable demeanor of the doctors, patients can feel confident that they are in the right hands.