Glaucoma Treatment in Carlsbad

Glaucoma CarlsbadWhat is Glaucoma
Glaucoma is an eye condition that is brought about by high pressure exerted on the optic nerve and which usually leads to blindness if untreated in the early stages. This is usually brought about by the lack of effective flow of the aqueous humor, a liquid present in the eye. The lack of proper flow leads to building up of pressure which eventually is exerted on the optic nerve causing damage. Glaucoma usually occurs in people who are aged 40 and above, those with a family history of glaucoma, those with diabetes, those who have eye injuries and those who have used steroids for a long time. Glaucoma treatment Carlsbad physicians advice people to have regular eye exams so as to help identify when glaucoma starts therefore leading to an early prevention and treatment.

Symptoms of Glaucoma
Glaucoma has several symptoms such as vision loss which is brought about by damage of the optic nerve. Other symptoms include pain in the eye, blurry vision, focusing difficulty during close work, frequent need to change glasses prescription, nausea, vomiting and halos. These symptoms do not appear at the early stages of the disease, but appear in the late stages of the disease. Although the symptoms appear in the later stages of the diseases, you don’t need to lose hope. Just seek glaucoma treatment in Carlsbad which is offered by qualified experts.

What entails glaucoma treatment?
Once you seek the services of a Carlsbad glaucoma expert, he or she will take you through a series of eye exams. Some of the tests will involve visual acuity, visual fields and eye pressure. If the results prove not to be conclusive, the glaucoma Carlsbad expert will employ more specialized testing methods namely tonometry and pachymetry. Once the physician has confirmed presence of the disease, he or she may start by draining the fluid so as to reduce the pressure in the eye. Apart from this method, the experts may result to laser glaucoma surgery. Using this method, the expert directs a laser to the patient’s eye where he or she tries to open a drainage canal so as to allow the fluid to drain from the eye therefore reducing pressure.

If the above treatments prove ineffective, the experts will result to the traditional glaucoma surgery which is referred to as trabeculectomy. This involves the use of surgical tools to create a flap on the sclera which enables draining of the fluid possible. For effective treatment, it is advisable to always have eye exams which will help detect the problem early.

Glaucoma in Carlsbad
If you live in Carlsbad and have glaucoma, you can seek the expert services of glaucoma specialists around Carlsbad who will help in treating your problem and restoring your eyes as they were. For early prevention, regular eye check up is provided by Carlsbad finest physicians who will carry out the necessary tests to ensure your eyes are healthy and free of glaucoma.