Canaloplasty Oceanside

Canaloplasty Oceanside

There are many new emerging treatments for glaucoma, including canaloplasty. The procedure can help lessen the ocular pressure that many glaucoma patients experience. The procedure is beginning to take hold in medicine because trabeculectomy, one of the other common glaucoma treatments, has potential complications ranging from irritation to infection and leakage. Canaloplasty is safer than trabeculectomy, so it’s no surprise that many patients are choosing to try canaloplasty to treat their glaucoma.
All surgeries are going to come with risks, including canaloplasty. All surgeons and patients can do is minimize those potential complications. Many glaucoma patients are older people, and older people are often more likely to experience the complications associated with surgeries. They may also be more vulnerable to infections. Minimizing these risks is exceedingly important for them.

During canaloplasty, the surgeon will start by creating an ocular incision. Then, the surgeon will position the microcatheter inside the drainage system canal of the eye. The surgeon will then expand the canal, thus improving the drainage of the eye’s aqueous fluid. The canal is left open using a suture after the doctor takes out the microcatheter. Henceforth, the eye’s drainage system should improve.

Oceanside, California attracts many excellent surgeons, and cutting edge surgical procedures like canaloplasty should be available there. G.M. Sally Mellgren, MD., Inc. can offer patients canaloplasty procedures and a whole range of other eye surgeries. To a certain extent, canaloplasty Oceanside began with Dr. Mellgren. The microcatheter technology that’s used in the canaloplasty procedure is somewhat difficult to truly master. Few currently practicing doctors would have learned about it in medical school, so almost all of them will have had to start working with it later in their careers.

Dr. Mellgren is perhaps the primary specialist in canaloplasty that patients will find in Oceanside, California. When patients are considering any surgical procedure, it is always important to find someone that specializes in that surgical procedure. Even specializing in the field is not enough. Patients need to be working with someone that has done a given surgical procedure over and over again, and has excellent technique. People like this will usually be used to solving the problems that can occur in surgeries. They will also be accustomed to all of the mechanics of a given surgical procedure. Since canaloplasty is relatively new, finding surgeons that have performed this particular eye surgery for years and years can be somewhat challenging, although this situation will quickly change. For the time being, people like Dr. Mellgren will have patients in Oceanside, California covered.