Best LASIK In Oceanside CA

best lasik in oceanside CALasik has been praised by many as an advanced technique that helps in correcting eye problems. Since it is FDA approved, it is marked with a stamp of safety for general use in treatment of eye problems. Lasik is a medical procedure that utilizes the use of lasers which are computer controlled and help in treatment of various eye conditions. Some of the available and frequently used lasik eye surgery equipment includes the VISX S4 laser which is capable of performing customized wavefront treatments and an excimer laser.

What conditions does lasik treat?
Some of the problems that lasik surgery helps to solve are listed below.
Long-sightedness which is also referred to as hyperopia and short sightedness which is referred to as myopia. Other eye conditions include age related macular degeneration which is a common cause of blindness among the middle aged and the old. The other eye problem is diabetic retinopathy which is damaged and abnormal blood vessels.






What does lasik eye surgery involve?
Oceanside lasik treatment begins when the eye specialist using a mechanical surgical tool called a mikrokeratome or femtosecond laser creates a thin circular flap in the cornea. The specialist folds back the flap so as to have access to the internal cornea also called the stroma. Using an excime laser, the specialist proceeds to remove corneal tissue around the stroma. The excime laser utilizes a cool ultraviolet beam of light to remove microscopic tissue amounts from the cornea so as to reshape it. This will eventually lead to refocusing of the light entering the eye leading to improved vision.
For lasik Oceanside patients with myopia, the specialists usually flatten the cornea and for those with hyperopia, a steeper cornea is developed. Patients with astigmatism are treated using an excimer laser that results in smoothing off an irregular cornea to have a normal shape. After the cornea has been reshaped, the circular flap is laid back to its normal place so as to cover the exposed area.

Before the surgery, the specialist will use topical anesthetic drops and afterwards since a laser has been utilized, there is no need for stitches or bandages. After the procedure, you need to rest and may experience some blurry vision. This should correct itself by the next day and your eyes should be healed after a few days.

Lasik in Oceanside
For those seeking lasik in Oceanside, you need to do research on the internet so as to acquire contacts of reputable eye lasik Carlsbad and Oceanside specialists. You can even ask trusted neighbors and friends for references to the best physician. Before choosing the best expert to visit, ensure you have read customer reviews on their website if any or have done thorough research.